Welcome to Provision Team

Provision Team Inc., an Arizona corporation, has been serving the franchise industry and small business community since 2002. We started as a small bookkeeping company and quickly expanded our services into the marketing arena. In 2005 we sold the bookkeeping company to focus on helping franchisees and small business owners grow their businesses using strategic marketing techniques.

Well, in 2015 we sold the marketing company to a larger media firm headquartered in another state. After serving a 2-year support agreement with the acquiring firm, it was time to decide what the future would look like to us. Well, sometimes we return to our roots, so we went looking for a nice acquisition to add to our stable of offerings. As fate would have it, we have acquired a local bookkeeping company that has five employees, one CPA, one tax preparer and 3 bookkeepers. While negotiating the specifics of the transaction, a few of my former colleagues approached me to jump back into the marketing industry too. So, it looks like we will be using both the analytical and creative side of our brains for the next decade or two.

There is so much more to say and so little space here to contain it all. At this point, let’s suffice it to say we’ll reveal more details as the year progresses. Stay tuned for many exciting announcements coming the summer of 2019.